YWXLight Modern Novelty Pendant Lights Hand Woven Grass Vines Shade Hanging Light


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1. It is made of hand-woven by grass vine, the material is green and environmentally friendly, and the heat dissipation is strong.
2. Use the E27 lamp holder, which is a common lamp model on the market, easy to install and easy to replace.
3. Metal suction cup, made of high quality metal, strong load bearing capacity, safe and reliable.
4. Suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, restaurants, cafes, exhibition halls, etc.
5. The chandelier has a length of 1M (39.3in) and can be adjusted at will.Material: bamboo
6. Voltage: 220V
7. Lamp holder type: E27/E26
8. Number of light sources: 1
9. Luminous color: warm white
10. Appearance color: yellow
11. Irradiation area: 15-30 square meters
12. Average service life: 60000H
13. Chandelier size: 180mm (7.08in) x 180mm (7.08in) x 360mm (14.1in)
14. Line length: 1m (39.3in)
15. Packing list:
1 x Chandelier
1 x E27/E26 bulb
Package Weight
One Package Weight 2.10kgs / 4.63lb
Qty per Carton 3
Carton Weight 6.30kgs / 13.89lb
Carton Size 40cm * 40cm * 40cm / 15.75inch * 15.75inch * 15.75inch

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