YK-BPW2 Blood Pressures Automatic Sphygmomanomet Monitor Digital Portable Tonometer Heart Rate Pulse Machine Wrist Blood Pressure


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Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Features:

Dual color OLED display with 4 directions
Power supply: 2pcs standard AAA batteries, with Battery capability indication
High accuracy and durability, SpO2,PR,SpO2 bar graph and pulse waveform display
Operation menu for function setting, Automatic power -off function for power-saving
Convenient operation and portability
Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Features:

Small delicate design
Clear LCD digital display
It can store 99 groups of measuring results of two people and display the average reading of measurement results of the latest three times
Automatic compression and decompression
Voice broadcast function
Blood pressure classification function provides convenience for users to judge whether their blood pressure value is normal or not
2 display units: kPa, mmHg
The product will automatically go into sleep mode in 1 minute after measurement


(1)Product name: Wrist Type Blood Pressure Monitor
(2)Display: digital disply
(3)can't prevent into the liquid with normal sealing measurement
(4)measurement :Wrist-type
(3)Memory array: 99 set of storage
(4)Measurement Range:
2.PR:40-199 times/mini
(6)electrical parameters:
Working voltage:3V(AAAX2)
Low electrical parameters :2.4V±0.1V
showing low power,<2.2V±0.1 power off
blood pressure test current:<500mA
(without pump and value working condition)
shutdown current :<100uA
(7)Weight: 115g
(8)Wrist band: Appro.270mm
(9)Appearance SizeL: 73.60mm(L)×60mm(W)×80mm(H) (not include Wristbands)
(10)Power supply: 2*AAA alkaline batteries(3V)(not included)
(11)Parts: Protection box,Production manual

Package includes

1 x wrist blood monitor(no including battery)
1 x product Manual
1 x package box

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.15kgs / 0.34lb
Qty per Carton 100
Carton Weight 15.00kgs / 33.07lb
Carton Size 41cm * 37cm * 35cm / 16.14inch * 14.57inch * 13.78inch

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