WLSES GC60 720P Wireless Surveillance Camera Baby Monitor, EU Plug


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1. This product supports Apple and Android mobile phone systems;
2. Adopt the latest P2P technology to realize point-to-point real-time transmission. Without network, it can effectively transmit 50-100 meters (depending on the actual environment);
3. Sound monitoring alarm: Turn on this function, and the abnormal sound is instantly pushed to the mobile phone;
4. Support motion detection alarm, if there is an abnormality within the valid range, it will start;
5. Equipped with a suction cup to fix the equipment on a smooth wall;
6. The camera can be adjusted up and down manually;
7. With night vision function, you can see about 5 meters at night;
8. High-definition picture quality, standard picture quality, smooth picture quality, three files are available, suitable for any network speed;
9. Support SD card recording, support up to 64G, can support some 128G cards;
10. Two-way voice intercom

Product parameters:
Model: GC60
Pixel: p1.3 million (dpi)
Type: Network Camera
Style dome camera
Image Sensor: CMOS
Horizontal resolution: 600 (TVL)
Minimum illumination: 0.1 (Lux)
Resolution: 1280×720
Lens: 2.8 (mm)
Working temperature: -20 – 60 degree
Backlight compensation: No
Size: 1/4 (inch)
Power supply voltage: 5 (V)
Electronic shutter: 1/10000000
Weight: 215g
Alarm function: yes
Material: PC
Use environment: indoor
Effective distance: no limit
Surveillance camera lens: fisheye
Lens focal length: 0.8cm
Computer monitoring: No
Infrared light illumination distance: 6 meters
Packing size: 128x126x60mm

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.28kgs / 0.61lb
Qty per Carton 20
Carton Weight 4.30kgs / 9.48lb
Carton Size 31cm * 27cm * 26cm / 12.2inch * 10.63inch * 10.24inch

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