Wear-resistant Nylon Waterproof Outdoor Sports Bag Small Waist Bag(Khaki)


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1. Material: 800D nylon
2. Weight: 34g
3. Size: 10 x 6.5 x 1cm
4. Features: portable, durable, lightweight, wear-resistant, waterproof
5. Scope of application: rock climbing, fishing, cycling, camping, hiking, adventure, travel
6. Nylon outer material has sufficient water resistance to prevent rain and wet items.
7. The pouch has a durable and humanized zipper design, which can be opened smoothly and wrapped in a cloth for your convenience.
8. Classic design with molele system, can be hung on belt, vest, backpack, etc.
9. This pouch is a great tool organizer for EDC accessories, flashlights, knives, coins, medical supplies and everything else you need at any time.
10. Designed for camping, hiking, fishing and other outdoor sports, it will be a great gift for outdoor sports enthusiasts.
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.05kgs / 0.11lb
Qty per Carton 500
Carton Weight 24.00kgs / 52.91lb
Carton Size 90cm * 63cm * 16cm / 35.43inch * 24.8inch * 6.3inch

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