Visionking 20×60 High Power HD Portable Professional Telscope Monocular for Hunting / Travelling / Camping


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1. Magnification: 20x
2. Objective: 60mm
3. Focus system eyepiece focusing
4. Prism system roof
5. Prism class: BaK-4
6. Lens coating: FMC
7. FOV 87 m/1000m
8. Exit pupil: 2.5mm
9. Close foucsing: 3.5m
10. Net weight: 600g(before packing)
11. Package list: 1x Visionking 20x60HD Monocular; 1x wipe lens cloth; 1x user manual; 1x desiccant,carton,case for Monocular

1. Collapsible handheld monocular and can be retracted&Extended(200cm&410cm)
2. 20x Magnification and 60mm large objective lens.
3. Light weight, compact design;
4. Amazing 3.5m close focusing distance;
5. BaK4 roof prism guarantees superior light transmission and brightness;
6. Durable full metal body and rubber coated

This Visionking 20x60HD monocular features a high power 20x zoom and 60mm big objective lens.It can let you see anythings through the 60mm large objective lens with superior brightness and image clarity.Excellent close focus distance is enough for you to feel the different scenery.It is wrapped with a soft leather to provide a firm grip and better protection.This monocular is collapsible and portable,easily fits into your pocket or handbag. Great for outdoor camping, hiking, sightseeing, traveling, etc.

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.66kgs / 1.46lb
Qty per Carton 12
Carton Weight 9.36kgs / 20.64lb
Carton Size 35cm * 28cm * 26cm / 13.78inch * 11.02inch * 10.24inch

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