Vandy Vape Resistance Wire Fused Clapton Wire Ni80 Vape Wires, 26GA x 2(=)+35GA


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Vandy Vape Resistance Wire Clapton Wire Ni80 Vape Wires, is designed for RDA/RBA/RTA/RDTA Atomizer. Get it as a spare part, and more choice for the DIY lover. Vape users can enjoy special price.

Brand: Vandy Vape
Product Type: Vape DIY Wire

Physical Parameter:
Fused Claton Wire Ni80 26AWGx2(=)+0.15, 10f, Ni80 Fused Clapton Wire 26gax2(=)+35ga, 1.34Ω/ft

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.08kgs / 0.18lb
Qty per Carton 160
Carton Weight 13.00kgs / 28.66lb
Carton Size 36cm * 36cm * 40cm / 14.17inch * 14.17inch * 15.75inch

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