PULUZ 43 in 1 Accessories Total Ultimate Combo Kits for DJI Osmo Pocket with EVA Case (Chest Strap + Wrist Strap + Suction Cup Mount + 3-Way Pivot Arms + J-Hook Buckle + Grip Tripod Mount + Surface Mounts + Bracket Frame + Screen Film + Silicone Case + Tripod Adapter + Storage Bag + Rec-mounts + Handlebar Mount + Wrench)


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1. Specially design for DJI Osmo Pocket (the gimbal camera is not included).
2. Adjustable and compact design chest belt strap mount, made of superior plastic and nylon.
3. It is ideal requires for a great deal of sport activities.
4. Screws for fixing action cameras to a bobber hand grip or J-Hook buckle.
5. The adhesive mount is perfect for attaching the camera to a curved surface like a snowboarding, skydiving or skateboarding helmet.
6. Silicone case specially designs for DJI OSMO Pocket, it helps to keep dust, smudges and scratches from your gimbal device.
7. Bracket frame for DJI OSMO Pocket, easy way to connect your Osmo Pocket to handlebars, helmets, backpack mounts or extension poles.
8. Portable box is perfectly shaped compartments for a action camera, outer housing, and accessories.
9. Extendable monopod self-stick is ideal for taking photos by yourself.
10. Grip tripod mount, 90 degree rotation head board, adjustable the angle for different view.
11. Fixing clamp bracket for the phone extension, which was developed especially for DJI OSMO Pocket.
12. Hat rec-mount, 360 degree rotation, the direction and the angle can be adjusted to your needs, easily clip or remove it at the backpack, hat etc.
13. Motorcycle handlebar mount securely attaches camera housing to handlebar, seat post, fork, boom, roll bar, etc.

Package List
1. Large size EVA case (32cm x 22cm x 7cm)
2. Storage bag
3. Tempered glass lens protector + screen film for DJI OSMO Pocket
4. Adapter bracket frame for DJI OSMO Pocket
5. Expansion bracket frame with tripod adapter & screw for DJI OSMO Pocket
6. 2 in 1 silicone case for DJI OSMO Pocket
7. Fixing bracket with phone clamp for DJI OSMO Pocket
8. Grip tripod mount
9. Selfie stick monopod with tripod adapter & screw
10. Backpack hat rec-mount clip
11. Handlebar mount with screw
12. Suction cup mount
13. 3-Way pivot arms with 2pcs screws
14. Wrist strap
15. Chest strap
16. Short screw x 3pcs
17. J-Hook buckles x 2pcs
18. Quick release buckles x 2pcs
19. Curved surface mounts x 2pcs + flat surface mounts x 2pcs
20. Square adhesive mount stickers x 3pcs + round adhesive mount stickers x 3pcs
21. Plastic wrench with lanyard

Package Weight
One Package Weight 1.27kgs / 2.79lb
Qty per Carton 10
Carton Weight 13.75kgs / 30.31lb
Carton Size 57cm * 35cm * 38cm / 22.44inch * 13.78inch * 14.96inch

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