MoFun 13032 DIY Electric Track Acrobatic Racing Car Assembled Building Block Toy, Support APP Remote Control


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1. Environment-friendly material, non-toxic and harmless.
2. Can cultivate children ability to use their hands and minds, grasp and develop their intelligence.
3. DIY assembly, mobile APP, 2.4g remote control (APP supports programming/language control/gravity remote control)
Mobile APP: forward, back, left and right turn, acceleration, programming mode, gyroscope mode, voice mode
Remote control: forward and backward, turn left and right to start the ejection
4. Two 1.5v AAA batteries are needed (need to be purchased separately), and the remote control distance is about 20 meters
5. The car adopts 3.7v 220MAH lithium battery (including) with charging cable
6. It takes about 60 minutes for the car to be fully charged, which can drive for 6 minutes continuously

Brand: MoFun
Features: APP support programming/language control/gravity remote control
Packaging: color box
Material: ABS
Item no: 13032
Remote control mode: handle
Color: 13032 blue,13036 red
Scale: 1:12
Size: 21×15.5x17cm
Applicable age: junior (7-14 years old)

Package Weight
One Package Weight 1.25kgs / 2.76lb
Qty per Carton 24
Carton Weight 29.00kgs / 63.93lb
Carton Size 76cm * 45cm * 65cm / 29.92inch * 17.72inch * 25.59inch

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