IP-CP05 4G Version Wireless Surveillance Camera HD PTZ Home Security Outdoor Waterproof Network Dome Camera, Support Night Vision & Motion Detection & TF Card, AU Plug


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1. With its own AP hotspot, it can be monitored normally without a network
2. IP66 waterproof and sunscreen, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
3. Rotate 320 degrees in the horizontal direction and 110 degrees in the vertical direction
4. Supports motion detection, and pushes the alarm immediately when abnormalities are found
5. Intelligent full-color night vision
6. Support TF card storage to be safer

System / Hardware
Pan/Tilt-Horizontal Angle 320 degrees
Pan/Tilt-Vertical Angle 110 degree
Physical Environment
Ingress Protection IP66
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.83kgs / 1.83lb
Qty per Carton 12
Carton Weight 10.50kgs / 23.15lb
Carton Size 44cm * 44cm * 41cm / 17.32inch * 17.32inch * 16.14inch
Loading Container 20GP: 335 cartons * 12 pcs = 4020 pcs
40HQ: 779 cartons * 12 pcs = 9348 pcs

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