CS-095A1 Motorcycle Modified Adjustable Temperature Electric Heating Hand Cover Heated Grip Handlebar


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1. 12V Voltage, 22MM handlebars internal diameter, suitable for most motorcycles
2. The product sets up high and low-grade switches, which can adjust the temperature of the handlebars at will (50-70 C adjustable).
3. Double throttle line buckle, wider installation range
4. Passage design, does not affect the hand outside the installation of hand plugs, lights and other decorative accessories, more beautiful and more convenient.
5. Input voltage: 12V
6. Product power: 12W-24W adjustable
7. Handle temperature: 50-70 Celsius degree adjustable
8. Handlebar type: open electric handlebar
9. Switch type: Multi-Stage adjustable switch
10. Handlebar length: left handlebar: 122 mm; right handlebar: 136 mm
11. Handlebar diameter: 22mm
12. Net weight: 221g

Installation instructions:
1. Remove the original driver handlebars
2. Moisten the inner hole with soapy water with left hand, and the torsion range should not be too large during installation.
3. When installing the balance iron with the left hand, the position of the balance iron is adjusted to be slightly separated from the handle, and the handle cannot be squeezed when tightening the screw.
4. Use the middle left hand handle to slide on the steel pipe, remove the balance iron, and fix the tail with a few drops of 502 glue from the hand.
5. Power cord, red wire connected with positive, black wire connected with negative, reverse temperature can not be adjusted.
6. When installing the left handgrip, the power cord should leave enough rotating remainder.

Matters needing attention:
1. When the left hand handle is installed, do not twist the handle too much. Excessive twisting will cause the electric heating wire to shift.
2. For the car with balancing iron, please adjust the installation position of balancing iron. Do not squeeze the handle when tightening the screw. The balancing iron is slightly separated from the handle. If the installation position of the balance iron can not be adjusted, please separate the balance iron from the handlebars by adding gaskets. Excessive extrusion of the handlebars will cause difficulty in switching the handlebars and abnormal damage to the surface of the handlebars extruded by the electric heating wire.

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.26kgs / 0.57lb
Qty per Carton 60
Carton Weight 16.80kgs / 37.04lb
Carton Size 48cm * 34cm * 34cm / 18.9inch * 13.39inch * 13.39inch

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