Car AUX Card Bluetooth Music U Disk for Alpine KCA-121B CDA9887 117J 105e 305S 9855


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1. Adopt Jerry Bluetooth master chip, connect through the reserved AUX audio of original car input function.
2. The car Bluetooth music player has wireless music transmission function and is aimed at car audio. Using Bluetooth transmission, you can say goodbye to messy, and you can also play music online. In the era of streaming media, various online APPs are quite convenient, and the audio source is updated in a timely manner.
3. This product is aimed at different brands of car models, and is equipped with different connectors and plugs according to the ports reserved at the back of the original car host.
4. Bluetooth name: JieRi-BT 5708 (support T card USB flash drive Bluetooth wireless audio AUX input microphone phone hands-free)
5. Bluetooth version: 5.0
6. Voltage: 12V
7. Fits for Alpine CVA-1004 IVA-D300, IVA-D900.INA N333, INA N333RS / RRS DVA-7996R, DVA-9860R, DVA 9861Ri, DVA-9965R IDA-X100, IDA-X200, IDA-X300, iDA-X301, iDA-X303, iDA-X305, IDA-X311, IDA-X313 CDA-7893, CDA-7894, CDA-7998, CDA-7998R, CDA-9535R, CDA-9805, CDA-9807, CDA-9811, CDA-9812, CDA-9813, CDA-9815, CDA-9827, CDA -9830, CDA-9830R, CDA-9831, CDA-9831R, CDA-9833, CDA-9833R, CDA-9835, CDA-9847R, CDA-9851R, CDA-9853R, CDA-9855R, CDA-9812RB.CDA-9852RR / RB, CDA-9854R, CDA-9856R, CDA-9857R, CDA-9883R, CDA-9885R, CDA-9887R, CDA-9884R, CDA-9886R, CDA-105Ri, CDA-117Ri???JVC: KS-U5t, KS-U58, PD100, U57, U29.

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