BQ2 1 megapixel Plug-in Hemisphere HD Monitor Camera, Support Infrared Night Vision & 4-32GB TF Card


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1. Plug in the card and it is ready to use, no wiring is required, and it is easy to install.
2. 1 million pixels, 1280x720P resolution, clear picture and vivid colors.
3. High-definition integrated chip, video can be recorded at the same time.
4. Infrared night vision, can still record clear images under low light.
5. Automatic coverage to save space.
6. Suitable for multiple scenarios, such as: supermarket, hotel, office, school, etc.

Product parameters:
1. Resolution: 1280x720P (1 million pixels).
2. CPU: ARm9 32-bit microprocessor core.
3. Encoding method: MPEG4 / 3gp.
4. Signal format: digital signal.
5. Video format: 640×480 / 320×240.
6. Signal to noise ratio: 48db.
7. Backlight compensation: Automatic.
8. Lens: 3.6mm.
9. TF card: 4GB-32GB.
10. Infrared night vision: photosensitive infrared technology, 24 LED
11. Input voltage: DC 220 / 110V.
12. Output: DC 5V / 1A or 12V / 1A.

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.52kgs / 1.15lb
Qty per Carton 16
Carton Weight 9.00kgs / 19.84lb
Carton Size 50cm * 48cm * 40cm / 19.69inch * 18.9inch * 15.75inch

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