AUTEL MaxiDiag MD806 Car Code Reader OBD2 Fault Detector Diagnostic Scanner Tool


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1. It is designed for mechanics and DIYers looking for quick and accurate vehicle diagnosis, provides users with Four Mainstream Systems (Engine/Transmission/ABS/SRS) Diagnoses, 7 Special Reset Services (EPB/SAS/DPF/BMS/Oil Reset, Throttle Matching, Adjust A/F), Full OBDII Functions, as well as ideal functions such as Data Print & playback, coming into play for smartly and conveniently dealing with the repair works.
2. 4 Main Systems Diagnoses:
(1). Reading DTCs-Allows reading diagnostic trouble codes from the control systems of vehicle to locate problem areas, and offer possible solutions
(2). Clear DTCs-Allows erasing the fault codes easily after certain repair works have been finished, and then the warning light will be turned off automatically
(3). Live Data Stream-Allows retrieving real-time live data stream of the four systems and you can change the displayed modes in text, waveform graph, and also digital
(4). ECU information-Allows viewing ECU information of tested control units including unit type, version number, and other specifications
3. 7 Commonly-Used Services:
(1). Oil Reset-When the oil change operation is completed, using this car scanner to rest the system is needed so it can calculate when the next oil change is required.
(2). EPB Service-It has a multitude of uses to maintain EPB, including deactivating and activating the brake control system, assisting with brake fluid control, etc.
(3). SAS Service-It can be used to effectively perform calibration for the Steering Angle Sensor, and clear fault memory.
(4). DPF Service-It allows you to clear the blockage through the continuous burning of the particulate matter captured in the DPF filter.
(5). BMS Service-With this function, you can perform a reset on the vehicle battery for clearing the fault information and re-match the battery.
(6). Throttle Matching-It enables you to initialize the throttle actuators so that the (learned) values stored on ECU are returned to the default state.
(7). Adjust A/F-It helps adjust the air-fuel mixture properly and directly to protect the engine performance from being decreased.
4. Designed with full OBD2 Functions, this car scanner makes it easy to receive clear, concise information about the emission problem on a vehicle, without necessarily having to get a technician involved in the process.
(1). Read & clear detected diagnostic trouble codes and turn off the Check Engine Light
(2). Read I/M readiness status to have a vehicle inspected for state emissions compliance
(3). View graphical live data of computer module(s) of vehicle for easy analyses
(4). View the operating parameters of vehicle at the moment a DTC is detected
(5). Show the last results of the O2 sensor test in the graphic display for troubleshooting
(6). Read the results of on-board diagnostic monitoring tests for specific components/systems
(7). Component Test: Allow initiating a leak test for the EVAP system of vehicle
(8). Retrieve the vehicle information of VIN, CINs, and CVNs completely

Additional Features
1. Solid Housing: This car scanner has a strong plastic housing with protective rubber boot, providing you with waterproof and shockproof features.
2. DTC Look Up: Except for capability of reading DTCs of the given car, you can also use this car scanner to search the definition of the DTC stored In the DTC library.
3. Playback Data: It can meet your requirement of looking back on recorded diagnostic data of the last test, so you can have a detailed understanding of the condition for car.
4. Print Data: The print data function allows you to print the recorded files as a reference to the further vehicle repair and maintenance.
5. Auto Scan: It makes it easy to locate fault systems and retrieve diagnostic trouble codes, without the hassle of accessing systemsa?? control unit step by step.
6. Compatible vehicles:
Asian car:
For Acura / Daewoo / Honda / Hyundai / Infiniti / Isuzu / Kia / Lexus / Mazda / Mitsubishi / Nissan / Scion / Subaru / Suzuki / Toyota
European car:
For Audi / Abarth / Alfa Romeo / BMW / Bentley / Benz / Bugatti / Citroen / Dacia / EU Ford / Fiat / Jaguar / Lancia / LandRover / Mini / Maybach / Opel / Peugeot / Porsche / Renault / Seat / Skoda / Saab / Smart / Sprinter / Vauxhall / Volkswagen / Volvo.
American car:
For Chrysler / Ford / GM

Package Weight
One Package Weight 1.56kgs / 3.45lb
Qty per Carton 10
Carton Weight 17.05kgs / 37.59lb
Carton Size 58cm * 54cm * 42cm / 22.83inch * 21.26inch * 16.54inch
Loading Container 20GP: 202 cartons * 10 pcs = 2020 pcs
40HQ: 470 cartons * 10 pcs = 4700 pcs

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