Aspire Spryte AIO Pod Cartridge (3.5ml Standard Edition)


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Aspire Spryte Pod Cartridge is made for Aspire Spryte AIO Kit, which has 3.5ml or 2ml juice capacity two options and is pre-installed with 1.8ohm BVC coil head. It features adjustable airflow and easy bottom feeding with 4.6mm filling hole and effective silicone plug. Moreover, it uses the "pull-out"-"push and click" system, thus it's easy to replace. 1pc in a pack.

Brand: Aspire
Product Type: Aspire Spryte Pod Cartridge
Physical Parameter:
Capacity: 2.0ml(EU Edition) / 3.5ml(Standard Edition)
Resistance: 1.8ohm
Compatibility: Compatible with Aspire Spryte AIO Kit Only

Packing List:
1 x Aspire Spryte Pod Cartridge (1.8ohm coil pre-installed)

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.02kgs / 0.05lb
Qty per Carton 260
Carton Weight 6.00kgs / 13.23lb
Carton Size 40cm * 40cm * 60cm / 15.75inch * 15.75inch * 23.62inch

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