8 in 1 Professional Hair Dryer Hair Curler for Hotel Travel With Comb Powerful Hairdryer(black)


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Power Cord Tail Assembly Mode:360 degrees Rotatable
Applicable hair:Dry & wet
Voltage:100-240v (Dual voltage)
Material of thermal plate/bar:Tourmaline ceramic
Power Source:Electric
Diameter of thermal conductor:More than 31 mm
Service life of thermal plate/bar:20,000-50,000 times
Power:More than 100 W
Size:20 x 4.2cm (LengthxDia.)
Temperature Controller:Knob
Min. temperature:180 degree
Max. temperature:160 degree
Multiple Function Rotate Styler, Fit for drying, straightening, curling various kinds of hairs
Comes with 8 accessories, make a good styling for your hair, big curl, middle curl, small curl, straight, corn and etc
2 heating settings & shut-off, supports variable heat control function, Moderate Temperature / Higher Temperature
With 360 degree rotation power line, Ultra long, 1.8 meters, convenient and safe for using

Power: 660-800W
Voltage: Support 110V or 220V
Adjustable Temperature:
Mid Setting: Combines ideal airflow with moderate temperature for shaping the finer, damaged or tousled hair
High Setting: Combines ideal airflow with higher temperature especially for pre-drying, and also for styling thick hair

Concentrator Nozzle:
Blow hot air to dry your hair, improve your hair styling
Nozzle Inner Diameter: 45mm
Nozzle Outer Width: 60mm
Large Hot Air Styler:
Fit for combing different levels' curl hairs
Middle Hot Air Styler:
Fit for combing different levels' curl hairs
Small Hot Air Styler:
Fit for combing different levels' cu rl hairs
Vent Brush (Hair Brush Combs):
Anti-static Curved Vent Barber Salon Hair Brush Hair Styling Brush, Ideal for Blow-Drying Short to Mid Length Hair
Longer Bristles Gives You Maximum Lift from the Root Area, Diagonal Ventilation for Maximum Air Flow
Curling Wand (Perm Clip):
Conical barrel shape for loose curls for easy styling
To create free-flowing curls, shaping an attractive hair styling
Bang Comb:
Help to comb a special style for your bang
Volume Comb (Fluffy Hair Comb):
Can be co-used with Bang Comb, help to make your hairs on the top&back more fluffy

Package Content:
1 x Main Machine(Dryer)
1 x Concentrator Nozzle
1 x Large Hot Air Styler
1 x Middle Hot Air Styler
1 x Small Hot Air Styler
1 x Vent Brush
1 x Curling Wand
1 x Bang Comb
1 x Volume Comb
1 x User Manual

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.80kgs / 1.77lb
Qty per Carton 19
Carton Weight 15.00kgs / 33.07lb
Carton Size 53cm * 24cm * 24cm / 20.87inch * 9.45inch * 9.45inch

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