7254 Radiation Protection Color Cat Eye Metal Frame Sunglasses(Blue)


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1. A polarizing filter is an active component that absorbs reflections, especially glare caused by sunlight.
2. Higher comfort than non-polarized lenses.
3. Combine the base color of the lens to enhance color perception (the color looks more saturated).
4. Lens material: PC.
5. Size: 141x50mm.
6. Weight: 32g.

Precautions for use:
1. Please do not place the glasses in a place where the front window of the cab is exposed to direct sunlight or high temperature. The high temperature may cause the glasses to be distorted, deformed or cracked on the surface.
2. When performing sports or intense physical contact, it is easy to cause the lens to rupture and even cause eye or face injury. In this case, take off the glasses and place them in a safe place.

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.07kgs / 0.15lb
Qty per Carton 150
Carton Weight 8.80kgs / 19.40lb
Carton Size 36cm * 37cm * 47cm / 14.17inch * 14.57inch * 18.5inch

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