4 PCS Car Platinum Spark Plug 90919-01253 for Toyota / Lexus


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1. Easy to install.
2. Durable and reliable.
3. Material: Platinum
4. OE number: 90919-01210. This is just for reference, please check and confirm the OE carefully before purchasing.
5. Installation steps:
Step 1: The car is in a cooling state (important), Pull out the Ignition Wire;
Step 2: Clean around the mounting hole of the Ignition befor remove the Ignition, Ensure no drops during the installation of the Ignition plug;
Step 3: Remove the Ignition with the sleeve tool and the torque wrench;
Step 4: Cover the Ignition plug hole temporarily with tissues or dry towel during the disassembly process to avoid something droping in the hole;
Step 5: Compare the old Ignition plug and new Ignition plug about the length, thickness and with or without gasket ( Very important). Please stop Replacement if the following differences occcured: 1. more than 5mm difference in length; 2. thickness different; 3. gasket different (with or without);
Step 6: Before replacing the new Ignition plug, Smear the silicone grease on white ceramic of the Ignition, and then put the Ignition plug into the Ignition plug hole.
Step 7: Restore the Ignition plug with torque wrench. Note: the Ignition plug is not a screw, Do not tighten it with force.Gently and Straightly.
Step 8: Reconnect the Ignition wire and Ignition plug, then completely.
(PS: if you have questions about the installation steps, you can Google more information and video)
6. Fits for:
Toyota AURIS (NRE15_, ZZE15_, ADE15_, ZRE15_, NDE15_) 2006-
Toyota AURIS (NZE18_, ZRE18_) 2012-
Toyota AURIS TOURING SPORTS (ADE18_, ZWE18_, ZRE18_) 2013-
Toyota AVENSIS Estate (ZRT27, ADT27) 2009-
Toyota AVENSIS Saloon (ZRT27, ADT27) 2008-
Toyota COROLLA Saloon (E15_) 2006-
Toyota IQ (KPJ1_, NGJ1_, KGJ1_, NUJ1_) 2008-
Toyota Prius Hatchback (ZVW30) 2009-
Toyota Prius MPV (ZVW4_) 2011-
Toyota RAV4 3 generation SUV 2005-
Toyota RAV 4 IV (ZSA4_, ALA4_) 2012-
Toyota URBAN CRUISER (NSP1_, NLP1_, ZSP1_, NCP11_) 2007-
Toyota VERSO (_AUR2_, _ZGR2_) 2009-
Toyota VERSO S (NLP12_, NCP12_, NSP12_) 2010-
Toyota Yaris (NHP13_, NSP13_, NCP13_, KSP13_, NLP13_) 2010-
Toyota Yaris Hatchback (_CP10) 2005-
Lexus CT (ZWA1_) 2010-

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One Package Weight 0.35kgs / 0.77lb
Qty per Carton 50
Carton Weight 18.85kgs / 41.56lb
Carton Size 46cm * 38cm * 38cm / 18.11inch * 14.96inch * 14.96inch

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