4 PCS 41mm Rose Shape Modern Literary Color Glazed Ceramic Cabinet Drawer Handle(Pink)


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Features: Rose shape and glazed craftsmanship, smooth and sturdy, easy to install.
Uses: Suitable for cabinets, drawers, dressing table cabinets, furniture, kitchen and family closets and cabinets.
Knob material: ceramic and zinc alloy, feels full, comfortable to touch, perfect texture.
Drawer handle decoration: a simple and economical way to decorate an elegant room. Renovate and update your furniture to illuminate your house with a charming and elegant style.

Please note the thickness of the board when you buy the goods. The master will equip you with proper screws according to the thickness of the board you noted.If no remarks are made, the default is usually 25mm length of standard screws.

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.40kgs / 0.89lb
Qty per Carton 70
Carton Weight 28.00kgs / 61.73lb
Carton Size 40cm * 30cm * 25cm / 15.75inch * 11.81inch * 9.84inch

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