3 PCS SMOK TFV12 Prince Max Mesh Coils


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1. Instructions:
SMOK TFV12 Prince Mesh Coil is a new member in the TFV12 Prince big family. Its arrival represents the revolution that brings unbreakable power to coils. Compared with other coils, it features the mesh inside, which enlarges heating area and accelerates the heating process. With innovative multiple mesh structure, V12 Prince Mesh Coil has so strong power that it totally prevents burn taste, bringing you optimal flavors and huge vapor production!
2. Brand: SMOK
3. Product Type: TFV12 Prince Mesh Coil
4. Physical Parameter:
SMOK TFV12 Prince Max Mesh Coil
Feature: Brings you mighty power and gigantic cloud
Resistance: 0.17ohm
Suitable Power Range: 70W-130W
Best Power Range: 100-120W
5. Packing List:
1 x 3pcs SMOK TFV12 Prince Max Mesh Coils
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.07kgs / 0.15lb
Qty per Carton 56
Carton Weight 3.90kgs / 8.60lb
Carton Size 60cm * 40cm * 40cm / 23.62inch * 15.75inch * 15.75inch

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