27 inch 144Hz Flat Panel Screen Narrow Frame MVA LCD Display Gaming Monitor


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1. MVA screen has stable decomposition structure, high-speed response without smearing, no distortion in viewing, and better color restoration
2. Due to the unique horizontal molecular structure of the IPS screen, there will be no change in pressing
3. The 144Hz refresh rate further solves the problem of player delays in FPS, racing, and sports games, to get rid of blurry and delayed pictures
4. Quick response of 1ms dynamic picture to eliminate the phenomenon of fault and smear caused by picture drag
5. Viewing area: 27 inch
6. Screen type: MVA
7. Screen ratio: 16:9
8. Viewing angle: 178 degrees
9. Display color: 1670W color number
10. Refresh rate: 144Hz
11. Static contrast: 3000:1
12. Resolution: 1920×1080
13. Wall hanging function: support
14. Display color gamut: 99% sRGB
15. Interface: 2xHDMI, 2xDP, audio interface, power interface
16. Dimensions: 61.5x8x45cm
17. Weight: 4360g

Package Weight
One Package Weight 6.00kgs / 13.23lb
Qty per Carton 1
Carton Weight 7.00kgs / 15.43lb
Carton Size 73cm * 15cm * 51cm / 28.74inch * 5.91inch * 20.08inch
Loading Container 20GP: 477 cartons * 1 pcs = 477 pcs
40HQ: 1108 cartons * 1 pcs = 1108 pcs

We will send the correct Plug Adapter that suitable for the Country in the shipping address:
Europe Plug Adapter (2 Pin Round Pin):
Europe countries, Africa, Middle East
USA Plug Adapter (2 Pin Flat Pin):
United States, South America, Caribbean, Canada, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Thailand and Taiwan
Australia/New Zealand 2 Pin Plug Adapter:
Australia, New Zealand, Argentina
UK Plug Adapter (3 Pin Flat Pin):
England, Ireland, Scotland, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Maldives and Qatar
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