1080P HD H.264 WiFi Table Clock Mini Camera Camcorder Alarm Set without Memory Card, Support Night Vision, Motion Detection


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Sensor Technology:CMOS
High Definition Support:1080P (Full-HD)
Product Type:Wireless Portable Small Secret Camera Webcam Micro Camcorder
Feature:Digital Mini DV DVR Video Voice Audio Recorder
Function:Infrared Night Vision/Motion Sensor Detection
Usage Scenario:surveillance Nanny Home Security Office Car Monitor Baby
Resolution Ratio:1920x1080P
1. WiFi Function: Yes, remote monitoring by PC, Smartphone everywhere.
2. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android phoneand other Computer products
3. Mini Camcorders Audio Video Recorder
4. Take Photo Function.
5. Motion Detector Video Recorder.
6. Night Vision: With 6 Infrared night vision light, it can take up at night.
7. Wide Angle: 140 degrees
8. Separate voice recording function.
9. Date and time
10. Video resolution: 1920x1080PHD
11.Video format: AVI
12. Recording frames: 25 FPS
13. Camera: 5MP CMOS sensor
14. Automatic White balance
15. Photo resolution: 4032×3024
16. Photo: jpeg
17. Microphone: Built-in (Synchronized Recording of Audio and Video Signals)
18. Battery capacity: Built-in 2400 mAh lithium battery
19. Working time: 24 hours(Plug it in power all the time)
20. Charging time: 4 hours(plug it with charger)
21. Motion detection mode standby time: 5 days
22. Support system: Windows XPista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10; Mac OS; Linux
23. Memory: support max 128GB memory card (not included the card)

Package include:
1 x Clock camera
1 x Charging Cable
1 x CD disk
1 x User manual (English)

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.30kgs / 0.67lb
Qty per Carton 50
Carton Weight 15.00kgs / 33.07lb
Carton Size 51cm * 29cm * 31cm / 20.08inch * 11.42inch * 12.2inch

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