10-90X25 Zoom Telescopic HD High Magnification Telescope Night Vision Monocular Binoculars


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Function type:Zoom telescope
Use:Civil telescope
Instrument magnification:10-90
1. Specifications:
Caliber: 25mm
material: metal
Prism: BAK4
Near focal length: 0.5m
Eye cup type: folding
Waterproof and anti-fog: yes
Tripod interface: support
Product size: 182mm elongation, shortening 119mm
Coating: Binocular broadband coating
2. Features: high-definition high-definition, large caliber, sufficient light, clear and bright image
3. FMC multi-layer coating: FMC multi-layer coating is used for both objective lens and eyepiece, which is a good coating technology at present, which effectively improves the image color of the screen.
3. Zoom zoom: adjustable multiplier viewing to meet the needs of multiple users
4. Waterproof: The lens barrel is sealed and waterproof, which is suitable for outdoor rain and snow weather and prolongs the life of the telescope.
5. BAK4 prism: BAK4 prism material, clear and sharp image, no dark edges around, comfortable to watch
6. Optical glass lenses are an excellent choice for viewing operas, performances and piano concerts. Suitable for sightseeing, large concerts, football matches, racetracks, outdoor sports, watching games, performances, performances, bird watching, watching wildlife, camping, hiking, adventure, shooting, archery, fishing, viewing terrain, appreciation Scenery, etc.
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.25kgs / 0.56lb
Qty per Carton 118
Carton Weight 30.00kgs / 66.14lb
Carton Size 83cm * 58cm * 39cm / 32.68inch * 22.83inch * 15.35inch

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