BT4810C Bluetooth V3.0+EDR Wireless Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver Adapter Stereo Audio Music Adapter with 3.5mm Audio Cable (Black)


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Product description:
1. BT4810C is a Bluetooth music player that is developed and designed by the company for Bluetooth reception and Bluetooth transmission.
2. The product adopts CSRBC5MM module design, high-end integrated chip has perfect sound quality, low power consumption, etc. It can realize two functions of Bluetooth receiver and Bluetooth transmitter (one for two) at the same time, which can be more convenient with you. The audio equipment is connected and paired to make the perfect music more convenient and comfortable.

Performance parameters:
1. Main chip CSR BC5
2. Bluetooth specification V3.0+EDR
3. Support Bluetooth protocol A2DP AVRCP APTX
4. Receive connection 2
5. 2 connection connections
6. Working voltage DC 3.3-4.2 V
7. Working current <48mA
8. Built-in lithium battery 602025 250mAH
9. Charging current 180mA
10. Charging time is about 2 hours
11. The working hours are about 5.5 hours.
12. The launching work lasts about 7 hours.
13. Temperature range -10? C degree to +60 C degree
14. Wireless transmission range of 10 meters
15. Transmission power CLASS2
16. Frequency range 2.4GHz-2.480GHz
17. External interface 3.5 audio plug, MK USB plug
18. Product size 52.5(L) * 34.5 (W) * 8.7 (H) mm

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.07kgs / 0.16lb
Qty per Carton 150
Carton Weight 9.20kgs / 20.28lb
Carton Size 53cm * 35cm * 33cm / 20.87inch * 13.78inch * 12.99inch

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